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Can I add illegal stuff to your website?

No, otherwise I could get fined or arrested.

Why SML Plush Show was taken down?

Due to the copyright infringement of Nintendo, they make another channel and end up making a new channel as the main channel to remake all their old videos except not all those videos.

Why Kaleb Slade Stories was taken down as well?

Sadly, it won't be the same again after remake these, but not all will be remade for not knowing the storyline.

Can you release all your videos from schools, scrap videos, and delete videos?

Yes, I can! I did already, but maybe not all.

Can I remake your comics, games, videos, etc.?

Yes! These are the same rules as the "Tails gets Trolled" website.

Can I upload your videos to YouTube or Facebook Watch?

With permission unless videos were deleted. Then you can upload deleted videos to YouTube as you want.



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